Helibiking in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Chimgan

Group of bikers is transferred by helicopter to hard-to-reach mountain regions, to the peaks, gorges, passes. And bikers perform dizzying descents by mountain trails on special mountain bikes.

We can do, one-day and multiple-days tours of helibiking in the mounitains of SouthWestern Tien-Shan, 70-100 km from capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent. Downhill is started from 2200-300 metres over the sea level, and amplitude of downhill could be up to 1,5-2 km, and overall distance up to 20 km.

Also it is possible to combine MTB tours with 1-2 days helibiking tours.

Helibiking is a real adventure for real men and brave women.

  • Cities

    Tashkent, Chimgan

  • Mountains


Hard Difficulty

This cycle track is difficult and contains mountain trails of difficult passabilites.


Price by request



Group size

1-10 Per


1 Days